Projects- Energy & Infrastructure

Examples of Projects:

Government Incentives in the Field of Natural Energy

This practical study identifies different incentive regimes employed by FR, DE, ES, IT, The U.S. & Canada in order to increase the use of natural gas energy and have local transportation vehicles switch to said resource.

Oil Reserve Management

The study, conducted for a governmental oil agency, reviewed different aspects of oil reserve management (regulation, financing, allocation of responsibility) in 10 countries: FR, NL, DE, BE, PT, RO, ES, IT, Ukraine and The U.S. The data collected for the study included telephone interviews with industry and government representatives from all underlying countries.

Competitiveness Level of OECD Ports

The report mapped work processes of different OECD ports, comparing their production rates and efficacy levels, based on professional literature and private databases. The report was prepared for a national port authority and focused on different ports in BE, IT, ES, EL, CY The U.S, Canada, Australia, Hong-Kong & Singapore.

Taxation of Natural Resources

Comparative study conducted for a salt manufacture on worldwide taxation of different natural resources, for the purpose of differentiating between scarce resources and non-scarce resources in the context of taxation. The study involved interviews conducted with 70 stakeholders (from the salt, gas and chemicals industries and authorities), and encompassed FR, ES, IT, EL, PT, The U.S., Australia & India.

Eminent Domain Regulation

This project was conducted for a governmental infrastructure agency interested in comparing between different eminent domain rules worldwide (including both legal and economic aspects). The final study consisted of a comprehensive report as well as an economic model estimating the effect of different rules on the value of the underlying land. The study involved complex statistical methodologies, as well as academic research. It encompassed De, ES, UK, The U.S. and Australia.