Projects- IP, Media & Telecommunications

Examples of Projects:

Limitations on Cellular Services offered Abroad

The study examined whether and how different western countries limit cellular carrier’s activity concerning cellular services given to clients abroad. The study was conducted for a cellular carrier and encompassed FR, IT, ES, Canada, The U.S. & Australia.

Royalty Payment Mechanisms for Usage of Copyrighted Works

This study reviewed and analyzed different copyright payment mechanisms common in 25 countries worldwide, as set by legislation and in practice. The study was based on a legal analysis, as well as on interviews with representatives from national collective associations. The study included SK, SI, SE, NL, BE, AT, FI, HR, EE, EL, HU, LV, LT, PT, IE, NO, CH, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, New Zealand, Uruguay & Trinidad.

Cellular Premium Services

This focused study reviewed the regulation applying to premium services sold by cellular companies in FR, DE, UK, The U.S., Canada & Australia.