E.U. 28 Member States Benchmark

Our analysis of laws and economic conditions compares Member States (and additional European countries) and summarizes the data succinctly and graphically.

In a nutshell

We provide regulators, law firms, lobby groups and Trade Associations with comparative research products.

An exemplary project is our large-scale study on the transposition of the Cross-Border Mergers directive (“CBMD”) in all 31 EU & EEA member states, conducted for the Directorate General for the internal market and services, The European Union.

According to EU officials, our study proved useful for future policy on cross-border mergers and will further the goal of creating a strong and vibrant single market.

Why Choose us?

  1. Results: Strict quality assurance by well-known experts from leading league institutions
  2. Timing: Research is conducted simultaneously in the various jurisdictions by our local researchers, which allows for quick turnarounds.
  3. Pricing: Competitive pricing and generous income-sharing policy with our partners.