We are Lexidale

An international consulting firm that was founded a decade ago by Alumni of Harvard and Stanford. Lexidale offers benchmark studies and comparative research in the fields of regulation, law and economics.

Lexidale has a unique model – we operate a network of experienced native researchers that include PhD students who hold specialist expertise in the topic of their doctorate from Ivy League and leading universities worldwide, as well as renowned lawyers and economists.

We will match the expert you need with your specific project.

Our global presence of native researchers allows direct access to local regulators and stakeholders, and enables profound research in each country of interest, without language barriers.

Among our clients are governmental entities & NGOs that wish to learn from global experience, as well as companies subject to regulation who wish to convince the regulator and decision-makers to ease the burden of applicable regulation.

What do we do?

Lexidale is focused on Comparative legal research & regulatory international benchmarking. Our Product includes extensive research with a clear bottom line executive summary.

Comparative legal research & White Paper

Lexidale conducts “on the ground” research, performed by local experienced researchers

How do we do it?

Our researchers include PhD candidates, attorneys and economists from dozens of different countries, possessing expertise in various fields.

Our carefully picked researchers have advanced degrees from leading universities (such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.). They have direct access to the regulation authorities, government institutions and policymakers.

Work products by the native researchers are then gathered by Head of the relevant Department, re-examined, compared with other supportive findings and processed to a tailor made research report.

What Are Our Advantages?

Local Experts

Our researches are conducted by local experts across the globe. We can therefore conduct profound researches in a limitless amount of countries, overcoming language and cultural barriers.

Experienced Researchers

Our work is conducted by highly regarded team of researchers, many holding advanced degrees from top universities such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. Our researchers are carefully picked based on their excellence and proven experience.

Large Variety of Fields of Expertise

Not only do our researchers come from various countries, but our large network of researchers also possess a broad range of fields of expertise in the area of regulation, law and economics. Among these fields, to name a few examples, are Finance & Banking, Energy & Infrastructure, Telecommunication, Pharma, Healthcare & IP.

Quick Turnaround

Conducting our comparative reports by local researchers at the countries of choice allows us to work simultaneously in various countries. We Save hours or even days by searching all the countries at once. Turnaround times are therefore very short.

Cost-effective Pricing

Very Competitive pricing. All the time.

How can I use your service?

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If you are


Use our benchmark research services to learn from global experience and standards. You can also use our regulatory newsletter that will be custom-tailored to your needs.
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Use our international comparative research to convince the regulator and decision-makers to ease the burden of applicable regulation.
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You can use our variety of expert opinions on the foreign law. In addition, we can help you find relevant precedents from different jurisdictions for your client.

We are looking forward to assisting you
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