U.S. 50 States Survey

Our State-by-state analysis compares laws and economic conditions and summarizes the data and conclusions succinctly.

Lexidale uses an innovative research model, with dedicated JDs, PhD, and economists from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale etc. This unique model gives us the agility and confidence to offer a competitively priced product at an incomparable quality.

In a nutshell

We provide 50 State Surveys and international comparisons in a limitless variety of topics: finance, energy, antitrust, health, environmental, cyberlaw, infrastructure, and corporate.

Why Choose us?

  1. Results: Strict quality assurance by well-known experts from leading league institutions
  2. Timing: Research is conducted simultaneously in the various jurisdictions by our local researchers, which allows for quick turnarounds.
  3. Pricing: Competitive pricing and generous income-sharing policy with our partners.