The Obligation to Acquire Life Insurance for Persons with Disabilities to Grant a Mortgage: A Comparative Study, December 2017

A requirement for life insurance before the awarding of a mortgage is a held requirement of the lending banks, and its purpose is to enable the loan to be returned if the borrower dies, without requiring the realization of the asset. People with disabilities sometimes find it challenging to obtain life insurance under reasonable conditions due to their medical condition and as a result, may have difficulty getting a mortgage. The purpose of the study is to examine how different countries confronted the difficulty of people with disabilities in purchasing life insurance, in those cases where insurance is required as a condition for obtaining a mortgage. The Countries that were examined are France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and England. The study also addressed the question of who carries the burden of resolving the difficulty of people with disabilities: banks/insurance companies/voluntary agencies or the government (through aid programs).

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