Food Rescue and Loss Reduction: Comparative Research, May 2017

The Report addresses the global challenge of food waste. This report reviews the main measures that different state across the globe undertake to minimize food waste, with special emphasis on source reduction and redistribution for human consumption. The report focuses on both common policies as well as cutting-edge practices that have been used in developed countries and jurisdictions.
The study examines the situation in Canada (Federal;Ontario); The European Union; Germany; England; Norway; Israel; Singapore and the United States (California; New York; federal).
The report focuses on three main dimensions: Government Action, Private Action and Innovation. The study compares between countries regarding different types of government actions, including: data collection and research; Legislative and regulatory steps; incentives created for individuals and entities to encourage food donation, optimal consumption and waste prevention; Supporting technological developments; Financing organizations and other projects. In a similar vein, the operations of individuals in different countries are compared both on a practical level; involvement in policy promotion; advertising of campaigns to encourage awareness and other initiatives.

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